Choo-Choo Express
Season 2, Episode 35
[[Choo-Choo Express DVD|250px]]
Air date October 25, 2009
Directed by Kelly Ward
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Choo-Choo Express is the 2nd Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV movie.


Mickey Is Going On The Ride

Characters PresentEdit



Choo Choo Express UK


  • In addition to two songs (the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and "Hot Dog"), They Might Be Giants are also heard during the closing credits with a song specially written for the episode.
  • This episode even marks the first appearance (and so far, only) time that the Mouskedoer dispenses two set of Mousketools.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus since the first season.
  • This episode marks the last appearance of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus to date until the fifth season.
  • In the UK, this episode was as The Clubhouse Choo-Choo In December 2009, the UK airing of this episode was renamed again Choo-Choo Express.
  • This episode was dedicated "in memory of, Wayne Allwine" who had voiced Mickey Mouse since the 1970's.
  • This episode was released on DVD December 1, 2009.


This is the 1st episode to honor the 75th anniversary of Donald Duck. The 2nd was Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland

Mouseketools Edit

  1. A Button - Help Us Locomotive Wheel
  2. A Ladder - Help Us To Get A River
  3. A Magnet - Help Us To Get A Up With The Springs
  4. An Elephant - Help Us Blow Snow Train Cars
  5. Marbles - Help Us Small And Round
  6. Glowy The Glowworm - Help Us Light Up The Tunnel
  7. A Giant Ice Cream Scoop - Help Us Dig From Snow
  8. A Silk Scarf - Help Us Connect The Train Cars

Goofs Edit

  • Mickey and the gang had to pick up Clarabelle and Belle at 3:00, Chip and Dale at 4:00, Mr. And Mrs Claus at 5:00, and they had to be at the clubhouse at 6:00, but those times come so quickly.