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Daisy Duck is Minnie and Clarabelle's best friend and Donald's very beautiful good friend. Along with Minnie and Mickey she is very smart in the world of the Clubhouse. She was born in June 7 1940

Daisy InfoEdit

Despite her beauty, Daisy is smart but she can sometimes zone out and forget what's important. The time Daisy was shown to really become upset is when Donald forgets Valentine Day. She is one of the six main characters in the series and is the sixth most famous after Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Goofy, and Pluto. As shown in an earlier show named "House Of Mouse", whenever Minnie helps her, they always get in trouble. Examples are: Minnie and Daisy getting in the hospital, them getting arrested, and getting stuck in the mud.

As a doctorEdit

It was revealed that Daisy always wanted a pretend doctor badge which she gained in Dr. Daisy, M.D. Is the episode where she checked up Donald, Pluto, Minnie, and Pete.

As a secret spyEdit

Daisy is a secret agent who works for her chief, captain agent Von Drake. She has appeared as a secret spy in four episodes: Secret Spy Daisy, The Friendship Team, The Go-Getters, and Goofy's Gone.

Roles Daisy can playEdit

  • Donald Duck's girlfriend
  • Minnie's best friend
  • Dancer
  • Secret spy
  • Princess
  • Queen (In "Pluto's Tale")
  • Archaeologist (In "The Golden Boo-Boo")
  • Reporter
  • Aunt
  • Ocean


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  • Actually Daisy is Donald's girlfriend in the old Mickey Mouse series but in Mickey Mouse clubhouse they are just friends (altough Daisy sometimes kisses Donald)