Donald the Frog Prince is the eighth episode from the first season.


Donald has turned into a frog Donald is turned into a frog after drinking Professor Von Drake's latest potion, and the only way to change back is with a kiss from Princess Daisy, who is held in a far away tower. Can Mickey find a way to help Donald return him to a duck again?

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  1. Gold Keys
  2. A Giant Fan
  3. A Bucket
  4. Suction Cups


Mickey Mouse: Hey, everybody. It's me, Mickey Mouse. Say you wanna come inside my clubhouse? Well, all right! Let's go. Aw, I almost forgot. To make the clubhouse appear, we get to say the magic words. Meeska, mooska, Mickey Mouse. Say it with me. Meeska, mooska, Mickey Mouse!

[# They Might Be Giants: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme]

They Might Be Giants: # M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

Mickey Mouse: That's me!

They Might Be Giants: # M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E # It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse # Come inside, it's fun inside # It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Announcer: Roll call. Donald.

Donald Duck: Present.

Announcer: Daisy.

Daisy Duck: Here.

Announcer: Goofy.

Goofy: Here.

Announcer: Pluto.

Pluto: [barks]

Announcer: Minnie.

Minnie Mouse: Here.

Announcer: Mickey.

Mickey Mouse: Right here.

They Might Be Giants: # It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse # Come inside, it's fun inside # M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E #

Mickey Mouse: It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Donald the Frog Prince. Welcome to the clubhouse, everybody!

Pluto: [barks] [pants]

Mickey Mouse: Hey, it's my pal, Pluto!

Pluto: [barks] [panting]

Mickey Mouse: [exhales] You're right, fella. It sure is hot today. Huh? What do you say we get a nice cool fruit shake?

Pluto: Yeah, yeah, yeah! [slurps]

Mickey Mouse: Fruit shakes, please!


Mickey Mouse: Uh-oh!

Pluto: [groans]

Mickey Mouse: [exhales] Thanks, handy helpers. Here, pal.

Pluto: [slurping]

Ludwig Von Drake: Whoo! Hello there, Mickey!

Mickey Mouse: Hey, look, everybody, it's Professor Von Drake! Say, "Hi, professor!"

Ludwig Von Drake: Whoo! [chuckles] How do you do, kiddies? [laughs] Now then, what we got here is my latest invention that I made for you. The Von Drake Frog Potion! Patent pending. Now, you're gonna swallow that, and kapoof, you are a frog.

Mickey Mouse: [chuckles] That's silly! Why would anybody want to turn into a frog?

Ludwig Von Drake: Why? [laughs] Because you are gonna get a kiss from the beautiful princess is why! Aw! [chuckles] [laughs] Oh, no. You really shouldn't.

Mickey Mouse: Uh... Professor?

Ludwig Von Drake: Ha! Oh, right, what was I talking about?

Mickey Mouse: Here, have a fruit shake!

Ludwig Von Drake: Oh, boy! Don't mind if I do. Mmm. Very good!

Donald Duck: Oh, boy, oh boy! A fruit shake!

Mickey Mouse: Wait, Donald, no!

Donald Duck: [gulping] Yum, yum, yum, yum! Ahh! Uh-oh!

Mickey Mouse: Oh, no! What are we gonna do? Oh, I can't believe this!

Donald Duck: Ribbit.

Ludwig Von Drake: Wow, wee. Look at that! [laughs] My potion works! [chuckles] Donald the Duck is now Donald the Frog!

Donald Duck: [yelling]

Ludwig Von Drake: Oh, no. He doesn't look very happy, isn't he?

Mickey Mouse: Whoa! We have to turn Donald back into a duck!

Ludwig Von Drake: And the only way to break the spell is to find the beautiful Princess Daisy to give Donald a great big kiss!

Pluto: [barks, slurps]

Ludwig Von Drake: Pluto! You're not a princess.

Pluto: [whimpers]

Mickey Mouse: Ooh! We've got to find Princess Daisy.

Donald Duck: Ribbit! Ribbit!

Mickey Mouse: Will you help us find Princess Daisy? Great! Come on, everybody, we gotta hurry. Let's go to the Mousekedoer and get our Mouseketools!

Ludwig Von Drake: To the Mousekedoer!

Donald Duck: Ribbit.

[hydraulic hissing]

Mickey Mouse: # Mouseker-hey, Mouseker-hi Mouseker-ho # Mouseker-ready, Mouseker-set Here we go # You're a thinkin' and a solvin' Work it through-er # Mouseker-me, Mouseker-you Mousekedoer # Mouseker-me, Mouseker-you Mousekedoer # Meeska, mooska, Mousekedoer # Mouseketools, Mouseketools Mouseketools

They Might Be Giants: # Here are your Mouseketools #

Mickey Mouse: Gold keys. [chuckles] A giant fan. [laughs] A bucket. And the mystery Mouseketool. That's a surprise tool that can help us later. Look, it's Toodles. Hiya, Toodles! [laughs] Oh, gosh! Hey there. Toodles is gonna bring us our Mouseketools when we need 'em. All right! We got out Mouseketools! Now, let's go up to the telescope to look for Princess Daisy. Everybody say "telescope!"

Ludwig Von Drake: Good luck, Mickey. Don't forget to write.

Mickey Mouse: Gee, thanks, professor! Hold on tight, everybody! [laughing] Whoa! The telescope will help us see things far away. Now, let's look for Princess Daisy. Remember, if you see Princess Daisy, say, "Princess Daisy!" Is that a princess?

Pete: [snoring]

Mickey Mouse: Naw! That's Pete! [laughs] Gosh! That sure is a tall tower!

Donald Duck: Rib-bit.

Mickey Mouse: Princess Daisy! There she is! And look! She's in the tallest tower. We've got to get there right away so she can give Donald a kiss and turn him back into a duck!

Donald Duck: Ribbit, ribbit.

Mickey Mouse: Come on! Hold on, Donald! Wee! [laughing] Let's go! Watch out for the fruit shake! [chuckles] Sorry, pal! We'll take a bounce-along ball so we can bounce along with Donald! Come on, everybody, bounce along with us! Bounce, bounce, bounce! Bounce, bounce, bounce! Look out, everybody. Here comes some rocks. Let's bounce over the little rock. Bounce high, everybody! Next, there's a medium rock! Let's bounce higher! Wow! There's a really big rock! We need to bounce highest of all. Bounce highest, everybody!

Donald Duck: Ribbit!

Mickey Mouse: Gosh! We made it over all the rocks! Good bouncing, everybody!

Donald Duck: Ribbit! Ribbit! Ribbit! Uh-oh! [screaming] Ribbit...


Mickey Mouse: Oh, no! Donald the Frog fell down a well! We need to rescue him! Don't worry, Donald, we'll get you out!

Donald Duck: Ribbit.

Mickey Mouse: Well, we've got a rope! But we're gonna need something to scoop Donald up! Maybe one of our Mouseketools can help us. Everybody say, "Oh, Toodles!" Gold keys. A giant fan. A bucket. Or the mystery Mouseketool. Which Mouseketool can we use to scoop up Donald the Frog? The bucket? You betcha! We got ears, say "cheers!"

Donald Duck: Ribbit!

Mickey Mouse: Let's turn the crank forwards to lower the bucket. Turn the crank forwards and count with me. One, two, three, four, five! Now, let's turn the crank backwards to raise the bucket. Turn the crank and count backwards with me. Five, four, three, two, one!

Donald Duck: Ribbit. Ribbit!

Mickey Mouse: We saved Donald! Good job! Come on, now, let's go find Princess Daisy so she can give Donald a kiss and turn him back into a duck.

Donald Duck: Ribbit, ribbit!

Mickey Mouse: Gosh, will ya look at all this fog? Why, I can't see a thing! Can you?

[horn sounding]

Mickey Mouse: Hmm, we're gonna need something to blow the fog away. I wonder if there's a Mouseketools that can help us? Everybody say, "Oh, Toodles!" There he is! Which Mouseketool can we use to blow all this fog away? The fan! You betcha! We got ears, say "cheers!" Huh! Wow! Now that's a giant fan! Do yo think it'll blow a lot of air?


Donald Duck: Uh-oh.

Mickey Mouse: Whoa! That's a lot of air!

[wind howling]

Mickey Mouse: Hold on tight!

Donald Duck: Ribbit! Ribbit!

Mickey Mouse: Quick, let's turn it off! [exhales] Hot dog! Can you see the towers now? Which one is the tallest tower? Right! There it is! And look, there's Princess Daisy!

Daisy Duck: [exhales]

Mickey Mouse: Come on! Let's go!

Pete: [snoring]

Mickey Mouse: Uh-oh! There's Pete! And he fast asleep! Will you help us tiptoe past Pete so we don't wake him up? Great! Stand up, everybody, come on. Stand up, and... ...tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe. Tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe. Tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe. [exhales] We made it past Pete. Come on. Do you see the tallest tower? Yep! There it is? Which path leads to the tallest tower? The path with the red circles? The path with the blue stars? Or the path with the green crescents? The path with blue star leads to the tallest tower! Right!

Donald Duck: Ribbit. Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit.

Mickey Mouse: [exhales] We made it to the top of the hill. But, uh-oh, there's a moat around the tallest tower. I wonder how we can get across it.


Donald Duck: Ribbit.

Mickey Mouse: That's it! We can jump across the lily pads! Jump and count along with me, everybody! One, two, three, four, five! [laughs] Hot dog! We made it across the moat! Wow! The tallest tower sure is tall! There's Princess Daisy! Princess Daisy! Princess Daisy!

Daisy Duck: Oh, my prince has come!

Mickey Mouse: Princess Daisy, come on down!

Daisy Duck: I can't! I'm knitting a really long scarf. See? Why don't you come up? But you'd better hurry. Pete's almost done with his nap!

Pete: [groaning]

Donald Duck: Ribbit!

Mickey Mouse: We're gonna need a Mouseketool to help us climb the tallest tower! Everybody say, "Oh, Toodles!"

Daisy Duck: Oh, Toodles! [giggles]

Mickey Mouse: Here he comes! Gold keys of the mystery Mouseketool? Hmm, can we use gold keys to climb up the tallest tower? Ah, not really! That means... [chuckles] it's time for the mystery Mouseketool. Everybody say "mystery Mouseketool!" Today's mystery Mouseketool is... ...suction cups? Can we use suction cups to climb up the tallest tower? You betcha! We got ears, say "cheers!" [grunting] Wow! These suction cups are really sticky! Will you help us climb the tallest tower? [laughs] You're swell! Everybody stomp your feet to help us climb up the tower. Stomp, stomp, stomp! Stomp, stomp stomp!

Goofy: Tall, isn't it? [laughs]

Mickey Mouse: [laughs]

Donald Duck: Ribbit.

Mickey Mouse: [panting]

Daisy Duck: You made it!

Mickey Mouse: Princess Daisy! Will you kiss this frog?

Donald Duck: Ribbit, ribbit?

Daisy Duck: Ew! No way! I'm not kissing a frog!

Mickey Mouse: But, Princess Daisy, looks it's Donald.

Daisy Duck: Donald?

Pete: Daisy?

Daisy Duck: Oh, my, it's Pete! He's coming up in the elevator.

Mickey Mouse: There's an elevator? We better get out of here. Come on, let's slide down the scarf!

Daisy Duck: Spoken like a true prince!

Mickey Mouse: Ready?

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck: Wee!

Pete: Oh, Daisy? Did you finish my scarf? These aren't my fashion colors! And this scarf is way too long for me! Daisy! Daisy, come back here and finish my scarf, see?! Oh!


Pete: Oh, no, you don't. I'll get ya! [yelps] [gurgles]

Mickey Mouse: [laughs] Oh! We gotta skedaddle!

Pete: Daisy! No, come back! Please! But This scarf is all wrong for me! I mean, does it really look good on me? Be brutal.

Donald Duck: [groans]

Pete: Daisy...

Donald Duck: Ribbit! Ribbit! Ribbit!

Pete: Whoa!

Donald Duck: Ribbit! Ribbit!

Pete: Get out of my way, you little wart factory! What do you think you're...? You little...

Mickey Mouse: Hurry! Whoa!

Daisy Duck: Oh, no! Pete must have locked the gate! How are we gonna get out?

Mickey Mouse: Let's check our Mouseketools to see if we have something that can unlock it. Everybody say, "Oh, Toodles!"

Daisy Duck: Oh, Toodles!

Donald Duck: Ribbit, Ribbit!

Mickey Mouse: What's our last Mouseketool? Ooh. The gold keys. Right! Ha! We used all our Mouseketools! Say "Super cheers!"

Daisy Duck: Super cheers!

Mickey Mouse: Small, medium... ...or large. Which key fits the keyhole?

Daisy Duck: The medium key!

Mickey Mouse: Yeah! Let's try the medium key.

Daisy Duck: It worked!

Mickey Mouse: Ah! Thanks, everybody!

Pete: Daisy! Come back here! I need a refitting.

Mickey Mouse: We better scram! Come on, everybody! Keep going! We're almost at the Clubhouse! Professor! Professor! Look, we found Princess Daisy!

Ludwig Von Drake: [sighs] Princess Daisy!

Pluto: [barks]

Donald Duck: Ribbit! Ribbit! Ribbit!

Ludwig Von Drake: So why is Donald still a frog?

Mickey Mouse: Uh, Princess Daisy won't kiss him.

Ludwig Von Drake: Now, Princess Daisy, you're gonna have to kiss Donald the Frog to turn him back into Donald the Duck. Would you?

Daisy Duck: That's not Donald! Ew!

Donald Duck: Ribbit! Ribbit!

Mickey Mouse: Actually, Daisy, this cute little froggy really is Donald Duck.

Daisy Duck: Is this some kind of joke?

Mickey Mouse: No. This really is Donald. Ask everybody.

Daisy Duck: Is this frog really Donald Duck?

Donald Duck: Ribbit! Ribbit!

Daisy Duck: Are you sure? OK. If you say so.

Ludwig Von Drake: Come on, kiss the frog! Kiss it! Kiss it!

Daisy Duck: [smooching] Donald Duck!

Donald Duck: That's me! Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy! I'm a duck again!

Mickey Mouse: Hot dog! We turned Donald the frog back into a duck! Good work everybody!

Ludwig Von Drake: How about that! [laughs] Von Drake does it again!

Donald Duck: Ribbit. [laughs]

Daisy Duck: Oh, Donald! [smooches]

Donald Duck: [sighs]

Mickey Mouse: [laughs] Aw. Come on, everybody, up on your feet! 'Cause it's time to do the Mousekedace!

[# They Might Be Giants: Hot Dog!]

They Might Be Giants: # Hot dog!

Pluto: [barking in rhythm]

They Might Be Giants: # Hot dog! # Hot dog, hot dog Hot diggity dog # Now we got ears It's time for cheers # Hot dog, hot dog The problem's solved # Hot dog, hot dog Hot diggity dog

Mickey Mouse: Gee, we had such a swell day with out pal, Donald the Frog. First, we lowered the bucket to get him out of the well.

Donald Duck: Thanks for saving me!

Mickey Mouse: Then we used a giant fan to blow all the fog away.

Goofy: What a blast!

Mickey Mouse: We used suction cups to stomp up the tallest tower.

Minnie Mouse: Wow! That tower certainly was tall!

Mickey Mouse: Finally, we used the medium gold key to unlock the gate.

Daisy Duck: And rescue me just in time!

Mickey Mouse: What a hot dog day!

They Might Be Giants: # Hot dog, hot dog Hot diggity dog # It's a brand new day What you waiting for? # Get up, stretch out Stomp on the floor # Hot dog, hot dog Hot diggity dog # Hot dog, hot dog Hot diggity dog # We're splitting the scene We're full of beans # So long for now from Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse: That's me.

They Might Be Giants: # And the Mickey Mouse # Clubhouse #

Mickey Mouse: See ya real soon.


  • Donald turns into a frog.
  • Daisy kisses Donald.