Goofy Goes Goofy is an episode from the second season.


Goofy gets cloned after he is accidentally sprayed with an experiment goo. mickey and his friends must take care of the duplicate until the cloning effects wear off.

Characters PresentEdit


  1. The Handy Crane - Help Us Get Goofys Down
  2. Shape Stickers - Help Us Patch The Glove Balloon
  3. A Baloney Sandwich - Help Us Goofys Sliding Down The Slide
  4. Springy Shoes - Help Us Goofys Jump Really High Catch Floating Beans


  • This episode aired in the UK and Ireland on July 20, 2009.
  • This episode was released on DVD September 8, 2009.
  • This episode appears as a bonus feature on the DVD, Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland.

End CreditsEdit

  • Recapping how many coins Clarabell's moo muffins cost and how many coins Pete gave Goofy.


  • Clarabell: (Singing her Moo-Mart song) Welcome to the new Moo Mart. Come on down! Get a shopping cart! do try my snacks--by one, by nine. if you want some muffins, they're utterly divine. Thursty and you need a treat? My moo mango juice can't be beat. So, come down to the new Moo Mart. Where you shopping days should always start.


Goofy Goes Goofy

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