Mickey's Treat
Season 1, Episode 17
[[Mickey's Treat title card|250px]]
Air date October 28, 2006
Written by Morten Folmer Nielsen
Directed by Kelly Ward
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Minnie Red Riding Hood

Mickey's Treat is the seventeenth episode of the first season from Wayne Allwine and Bert Iwan from a DVD The Halloween Treats.


Pete invites His friends to a Halloween party at the Trick or Treat Tower.

Characters PresentEdit

  1. Mickey Mouse - a magician
  2. Minnie Mouse - a witch
  3. Daisy Duck - Little Bo-Peep
  4. Goofy - a knight
  5. Donald Duck - a cowboy
  6. Pluto - a bumblebee
  7. Owl
  8. Pete - a baby
  9. Toodles (Cannot speak)

Mousketools Edit

  1. A Jack-O-Lantern
  2. A Garbage Can
  3. A Carrot
  4. A Magnet


  1. Este es el primero de 3 episodios en el DVD del programa del mismo nombre.
  2. Daisy is a little-bo-peep for second time.
  3. Goofy is a knight for first time.
  4. Donald is a cowboy for first time-
  5. Is the third party-themed-episode.

Costumes Edit

Time Character Costume
Half past nine Mickey Magician
Half past eight Minnie Witch
Two o'clock Donald Cowboy
Five o'clock Daisy Little Bo-Peep
Half past one Goofy Knight
Half past three Pluto Bee
Four o'clock Pete Baby

The owl, Professor Von Drake, Toddles, Chip, Dale and Clarabelle are not wearing costumes

Quotes Edit

  1. Mickey: Oh boy! It's an invitation to a Halloween Party at Trick-or-Treat Tower. I wonder who it's from. (He opens the card)
  2. Pete: (Singing in the card) Pete is having a party. Pete is having a party. Everyone's invited to my big Halloween party, and 'course, nobody ever comes to my parties. So, why do I even bother?