Minnie's Mouseke Calender is an episode from the third season.


The wind blows away the pages from Minnie's daily calender, so Mickey and her friends help collect them and put them back in order for her Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Characters present Edit

  1. Mickey Mouse
  1. Minnie Mouse
  2. Daisy Duck
  3. Donald Duck
  4. Goofy
  5. Pete
  6. Pluto
  7. Ludwig Von Drake
  8. Chip N' Dale
  9. Toodles


  1. This is the 2nd Episode to be release on Minnie's Masquerade DVD and the Last Episode to be release on Pop Star Minnie DVD 2006 Vhs


  1. Clarabelle Cow


  • A Soft Pillow - Help Us
  • Mickey's Handy Fishing Line - Help Us To Pick Up Paper
  • A Balloon With A Long Fan - Help Us
  • A Giant Electric Fan - Help Us

End CreditsEdit

  1. The gang sing the mouseke-calendar song.