Minnie's Picnic is the 5th episode from the second season.


Minnie organizes a picnic, inviting all their friends to come celebrate the grand opening of the Mickey Park Picnic Grounds.

Characters PresentEdit


  1. A Trampoline
  2. A Wagon
  3. A Beach Towel
  4. A Giant Sponge


  • This is the last of 4 episodes on the DVD, Minnie's Bow-tique
  • This is the Eighth episode on Minnie's Polka Dot Party Day Marathon

End CreditsEdit

  • Recapping how many plates Mickey and his friends needed for the picnic.


  • Mickey and the Gang: (Singing their picnic song) Hot dog! We're havin' a picnic. It sure to be lots of fun. Can't wait to be with all our friends, and eat hot dogs on a bun.