Mr Pettibone

Mr. Pettibone

Mr. Pettibone is Goofy's pet kitten who first appeared in Mickey Goes Fishing.

Personality Edit

Mr. Pettibone is very playful and anything it finds exactly what he will try to play with. In Mickey Goes Fishing , Mr. Pettibone attempted to play with a rope and it woke Pete up. Mr Pettibone was also shown to be afraid of Pete.

Relationship Edit

Goofy - Mr. Pettibone is one of Goofy's best friends and probably his most beloved friend. He's also Mr. Pettibone's owner.

Mickey - Mr. Pettibone has grown a liking to Mickey since his first appearance.

Pluto - Pluto did not like Mr. Pettibone at first but soon grew a liking

Figaro- Mr. Pettibone hasn't made friends with him before until 1 day, Daisy's small grey and white bunny rabbit Captain Jumps A Lot got into a conflict with him and Figaro by leaving a trail of blue paint.

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Pettibone also appeared in Daisy's Pet Project once again as Goofy's pet for the big Pet Parade.
  • Mr. Pettibone made his third appearance in Pluto Lends A Paw once again as Goofy's pet. He is seen playing with Figaro.