The Friendship Team is an episode from the second season.


Detective Minnie and Secret Spy Daisy must find all the 12 party hats for the Friendship Day party for friends

Characters PresentEdit

  1. Mickey Mouse
  2. Pluto
  3. Minnie Mouse
  4. Daisy Duck
  5. Goofy
  6. Donald Duck
  7. Pete
  8. Ludwig Von Drake
  9. Clarabelle Cow
  10. Chip N' Dale
  11. Toodles


  1. 2 Mousketalkies - To Talk Each Other Far Apart
  2. 2 Bows - To Jumping Springs Back Own Your Shoes
  3. 3 Sparkling Candles - To Make A Wish
  4. 3 Fixing Wrenches - To Fix Goofy's Skateboard

Transcript Edit


  1. Minnie and Daisy now announce the title of this episode after the theme song.
  2. Minnie and Daisy's alter ego's-- from "Minnie's Mystery" and "Secret Spy Daisy"-- are joined together in the episode.
  3. Minnie is a detective for second time.
  4. Daisy is a secret spy for second time.
  5. Is the seventh party-themed-episode.
  6. Daisy wears the spy goggles for second time.

Allusions Edit

  1. Mickey's party hat is a parody to the sorcerer's hat.

End CreditsEdit

  • Recapping how many party hats the Friendship Team found and the shape they were made in.


Mickey Mouse- The Friendship Team

Mickey Mouse- The Friendship Team.avi