Toodles was created by Ludwig Von Drake. He helps Mickey and his friends by giving them some of his Mousekatools.

Mousekatools Edit

The Mousekatools help Mickey Mouse and his friends on their adventures.Toodles has 3 or more
Hoppity ball mouseketool
Mousekatools a day(usually) and one mystery one. The other day he can help with more mousekatools in another adventure

The characters favorite mouskatool is the balls -------> What the hell is a mousekatool? you may be asking. It's just an object. nothing more.

Toodles Major stars in action movies in the 21st centruy Edit

  • Happy Birthday Toodles
  • Road Rally
  • Space Adventure
  • Toodles s best friend
  • The Nostalglia Critic's "The Wall"
  • The Simpsons
  • In the toy section of your local Walmart.
    Extra Spicy
  • Madagascar 4
  • Family Guy
  • Spongebob (mentioned)
  • SML (mentioned by jeffy the shitass)
  • The Amazing World of Gumball
  • The Tonight Show With Cock Lizard Man 
  • Most of the Live Action Movies (Kills the main characters near the end of the cashgrabs)
  • House of Mouse reboot

Season 4 all Episodes expert too, Those two episodes are lost and very hard to find.



Toodles before he got a face

"Happy Birthday to Me!" (First line in Happy Birthday Toodles

"Guys my best friend is Quoodles!" (Pete's Toodles)

"Here's Toodles"

"Everybody on the ground and wallets out"

"get rid my goddamn face mickey"

"I'm Back, Bitch!"

" that's meetles

"Mousekatools coming up!"

"Toodles to the rescue!"

"Here coes Toodles!"

"Fuck the Paw Patrol!"

Its a Hoppity ball YAYAYAYAYAYY

Cyka Blyat

Trivia Edit

  • Toodles' head looks a lot like Mickey’s.The other carachters based on Toodles also looked like another person of the gang. Goofles looks like Goofy in Goofy’s tale,and Quoodles looks like Minnine
  • Goofles is Toodles’ cousin who is made up.
  • Toodles app in every episode of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Toodles can fly.
  • His face is very nice
  • Toodles was made in Area 51
  • He was in a group called The Bloods but since the show got cancelled, They were back once again.
  • Toodles appears in every eppisode of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Anime.
  • As of 2020, Toodles is nowhere to be seen. His fate is unknown to the world.
  • This dude's creepy if you think about it. He is based off the head of a mascot of a corporation who does shit.
  • Toodles knows where you live (thanks Google)
  • Ludwig von Singer got reaaly fat, then pooped a toodles! DOB more like DAB c======8 DOB is 4/20/69Toodles
  • Toodles always has to save the Mickey Gang (Mickey Gang Mickey Gang. Do cocaine childerens!)
  • Toodles was created by Ludwig Von Drake . that one guy that nobody knows are cared about. How did give birth to the toooodl no body nos.
  • He has a fetish for ears
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