Toodles is a major charater in Mickey Mouse Club and he is an essential part of mickey mouse's gang, as his ally in helping him with the mousekatools.

TOODLES is created Edit

Toodles was created by Ludwig Von Drake, The inventor of the clubhouse. He was made for Mickey Mouse.

Mousekatools Edit

The Mousekatools help Mickey Mouse and his friends on their adventures.Toodles has 4 mousekatools a day(usually) and one mystery one.The other day he can help with more mousekatools in another adventure

Extra Spicy


Toodles Major stars in action movies in the 21st centuryEdit

Season 4 all Episodes except too


"Happy Birthday to Me!" (First line in Happy Birthday Toodles)

"Guys my best friend is Quoodles Pete s Toodles

Trivia Edit

  • Toodles' head looks a lot like Mickey’s.The other carachters based on Toodles also looked like another person of the gang. Goofles looks like Goofy in Goofy’s tale,and Quoodles looks like Minnie.
  • He has a crush on Quoodles,tough she was/is Pete’s ally.
  • Goofles is Toodles’ cousin.
  • Toodles appears in every eppisode of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Toodles can fly
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